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2018 Project Options

To participate in J-Serve, please choose one of the following projects:

Chai Lifeline Canada (Assembling Cottage Backpacks)
Hosted by: Adam Sheinberg & Jakob Silver, BBYO Chapters Dayan AZA #1215 & Achim AZA #1016
Grades 10-12 / Maximum 25 teens

Chai Lifeline Canada is a not for profit organization dedicated to helping Canadian children suffering from serious illness as well as their family members. At J-Serve, volunteers will help assemble backpacks filled with fun activities, games and useful items for our annual Cottage day event!

Chartwell Constantia Retirement Residence (Bingo with Seniors)
Grades 9-12 / Maximum 20 teens
Not available on rescheduled date
Chartwell Constantia Retirement Residence provides seniors in Thornhill with independent supportive living in a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the heart of a thriving Jewish community. At J-Serve, volunteers will encourage residents to participate in BINGO by collecting money, calling numbers and helping residents who need assistance.

Crafting for a Cure (Assembling Craft Kits)
Hosted by: Roark Baker & Michelle Tanner, BBYO Chapters Magen AZA #2360 & Chaverot BBG #2307
Grades 6-12 / Maximum 80 teens

Crafting for a Cure is a not-for-profit registered charity that looks for opportunities to ensure children are having a positive experience when a hospital visit is necessary. At J-Serve, volunteers will assemble craft kits and write letters that will then be taken to children in hospitals across Canada, the US and Israel.

Dani Toronto (Inclusive Games & Discussion)
Hosted by: Ilana Davids
Grades 8-12 / Maximum 25 teens

Dani, which stands for developing and nurturing independence, aims to create opportunities for young adults with physical and/or cognitive challenges so that they can participate fully as valued members of the Jewish community and enjoy a meaningful and dignified quality of life. At J-Serve, volunteers will get to know the amazing DANI participants through fun and inclusive games and activities, followed by a discussion about disability awareness and how you can support inclusiveness in our community.

JACS Toronto (Substance Abuse Workshop & Telethon)
Hosted by: Gabby Holt & Abby Volgyi, BBYO Chapter Ahava BBG #2447
Grades 9-12 / Maximum 30 teens

Jewish Addiction Community Services (JACS) is a leading education and support agency for addiction and recovery in the Greater Toronto Area, providing a safe, comfortable and spiritual environment to support our community in addressing substance abuse and addiction. At J-Serve, volunteers will engage in an interactive educational workshop to learn about JACS and discuss topics surrounding substance abuse, addiction and healthy learning. Following the workshop, volunteers will participate in a telethon to raise money in support of JACS.

OneFamily Fund (Letters to Victims of Terror)
Hosted by: Idan Aharon & Roni Alkalay, UJA Israel Engagement ShinShinim
Grades 9-12 / Maximum 40 teens

OneFamily is Israel's leading national organization dedicated to rebuilding the lives of Israel's victims of terror and war. OneFamily aims to rehabilitate and empower victims of terror, wounded soldiers and bereaved families, so that they can achieve their emotional and financial independence, and successfully reintegrate into society. At J-Serve, volunteers will have the opportunity to write letters and film personal messages to individuals who have been impacted by terror and war.

Save a Child's Heart Foundation (Bags and Cards)
Grades 6-9 / Maximum 30 teens
Not available on rescheduled date
Save a Child’s Heart is a global humanitarian organization that provides life-saving heart surgery to children from all over the developing world and also trains medical teams from developing countries so they can provide the same life-saving medical services at home. At J-Serve, volunteers will decorate bags and make cards for children who come to stay at the Save a Child's Heart home in Israel.

Shoresh Jewish Environmental Programs (Gardening)
Hosted by: Natalie Frydman, BBYO Chapter Dor Chadash BBG #2404
Grades 6-12 / Maximum 40 teens

Shoresh is a grassroots Jewish environmental organization that inspires and empowers our community to take care of the earth by connecting people, land, and Jewish tradition. Through nature-based Jewish education, healthy food production for vulnerable community members, environmental action, and sustainable Jewish products, we offer community members meaningful opportunities to be responsible stewards of the world around us. At J-Serve, volunteers will help clean up the local ravine and prepare garden beds for the upcoming growing season.

Ve'ahavta (Food Security Workshop & Preparing Food)
Hosted by: Jack Filer & Jaimie Sieger, BBYO Chapters Exodus AZA #1111 & Chaverot BBG #2307
Grades 8-12 / Maximum 45 teens

Ve’ahavta is a Jewish charitable social service organization dedicated to promoting positive change in the lives of people of all faiths who are marginalized by poverty. Ve'ahavta operates the Mobile Jewish Response to the Homeless (MJRH) van which distributes food and supplies to clients living on the streets of downtown Toronto 5 nights a week. At J-Serve, volunteers will participate in a special workshop about food security and help prepare food for those experienceing homelessness in the city of Toronto.

VIVA Retirement Communities (Games with Seniors)
Grades 6-9 / Maximum 25 teens
VIVA's mission is to create places where people live, love and laugh. From healthy delicious meals, to beautiful amenities, to frequent activities, VIVA strives to make sure seniors live life to the fullest and make the most of each and every day! At J-Serve, volunteers will join seniors in a fun-filled afternoon full of games, blackjack, and discussions (words of wisdom from Community Members).

Yellow Brick House (Care Packages)
Hosted by: Kayla Kopel & Dalia Right, BBYO Chapter Dor Chadash BBG #2404
Grades 8-12 / Maximum 40 teens

Yellow Brick House empowers women and children to rebuild their lives and gives a voice to the untold stories of violence in our community, raising awareness about the need for change, and moving our community forward to end violence against women and kids. At J-Serve, volunteers will assemble much-needed care packages for women and children who are escaping domestic abuse and violence. These care packages offer a warm welcome to the many families and women who turn to our emergency shelters for safety.

To register for any of these projects as part of J-Serve Toronto, please click here.

J-Serve Toronto is a program of BBYO Ontario with funding from UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and hosted in partnership with:

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